Our Capabilities

  • Global infrastructure
  • Global Real Estate
  • Global fixed interest
  • global multi-asset
  • global private equity
  • australian small companies
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  • We were born with one objective ‒ to deliver investment outcomes for our clients. Created in 1991 by the Queensland Government to serve its long term investment responsibilities, we have the heritage and insights to meet our clients’ outcomes.

    Predictability has built our reputation. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our asset classes and delivered in our returns. It's why over A$75* billion dollars of people's dreams are entrusted with us. We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only. By going beyond the predictable we can deliver our clients with security, reliability ‒ predictability. QIC. BEYOND PREDICTABLE.

    *As at 31 December 2013

Global Infrastructure

Our team are infrastructure experts. We specialise by sector and seek investments that deliver predictable long term cash flows and sustainable returns. Client outcomes drive everything and capital preservation is key. We invest with a long term mindset, looking beyond the assets to the business. We build value over the long term through human capital not just investment capital.

Global Real Estate

With around A$11 billion* invested in Australian and international retail and office assets, we have developed a reputation for delivering predictable outcomes for clients over the long term. Our team has true depth of experience from deal origination and execution to asset management, leasing, marketing and development.

*As at 30 September 2013

Global Fixed Interest

We have evolved alongside our clients and ahead of market dynamics. We believe in co-creation and collaboration with our clients. Our deep and experienced team manages along the full spectrum of fixed interest opportunities from active cash to global absolute return. We construct portfolios for outcomes not just benchmark returns.

Global Multi-Asset

We were born with an investor mindset. For over 20 years we have managed our clients’ capital over the long term. From dynamic asset allocation, liability hedging strategies, traditional and alternative beta management to implementation and currency management, we know that predictability of outcomes is what our clients value most.

Global Private Equity

From our core business spanning fund investing, advisory and program maintenance, we’ve evolved with the market and actively invest in all forms of global private equity, including direct investments. We back great management teams and provide the support to build great companies that ultimately deliver outcomes for our clients.

Australian Small Companies

We believe in taking a long term perspective. That a company’s share price over the long term will reflect its true value. We use a long term free cash flow approach to model and value companies. This ensures that we buy and sell when our forecasts tell us to and not when the market does.