About QIC

Who we are
We were born with one objective ‒ to deliver investment outcomes for our clients. Created in 1991 by the Queensland Government to serve its long term investment responsibilities, we have the heritage and insights to understand our clients’ needs, priorities and objectives. Predictability has built our reputation. Solid, stable, strong. Long sighted and long serving. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our asset classes and delivered in our returns. It's why billions of dollars of people's dreams are entrusted with us.

Who we deliver to
We deliver to over 90 like-minded institutional investors in Australia and internationally. We have the capabilities relevant for today’s investment landscape.  We are bound by a common philosophy – to deliver outcomes. Spanning infrastructure, real estate, liquid strategies, private equity, and multi-asset solutions, we adapt our approach to suit the investor and the investment context.

What we do
We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only. Their objectives are our only objectives. We do this by relentlessly searching for better ways to surpass the expected, the conventional, the traditional and fashionable. We innovate for outcomes not for impact. By going beyond the predictable we can deliver our clients with security, reliability ‒ predictability.