Our Vision

QIC's purpose, mission and standards of excellence guide our approach to all that we do. 



 Our purpose is to deliver optimum investment outcomes with and for our clients.



Our vision is to be recognised as a leading trusted specialised manager, actively delivering investment performance to exceed our client and stakeholder expectations. 


Standards of Excellence

At QIC, delivering investment performance and service to our clients, and their clients, is why we exist. First, last and only.

To be their essential partner we need to work together - bound by common principles, behaviours and standards of excellence. 

Our standards of excellence are critical to our success and focus on five key areas:

Leaders must lead

  • Leadership is an imperative not just a position  - it’s everyone’s responsibility
  • The quality of our leadership amplifies the quality of our performance – it starts at the top
  • Effective leaders shape who we are and how we do things – poor leadership cannot be tolerated
  • We support and develop our leaders to be the best they can be

Accountability counts

  • Clients and investment performance are paramount - we are decisive, responsive and deliver what we promise
  • We own our successes and mistakes and learn from them
  • We take ownership and support others to achieve excellence
  • We are willing to challenge and be challenged

Communication matters

  • We communicate clearly and consistently amongst ourselves and our clients
  • Transparency is key - we tell it as it is
  • Everyone is a communicator - play your part
  • We are willing and positive in having tough conversations

Step Up Together

  • We recruit, develop and reward outstanding people
  • Step up to your personal best  – we’ll develop you and you’ll develop you
  • We value and respect the unique and diverse talents and experiences of all team members
  • We celebrate the wins and share the losses

Collaboration is Key

  • By working together we achieve better outcomes for our clients and for ourselves
  • We all win together, no single capability or team is greater than others
  • We see beyond borders – we are agile and responsive to changing markets
  • We are actively curious – we seek and share insights, information and knowledge

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