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This section contains the information and links that QIC (as a Government owned corporation) (GOC) makes publicly available under the Release of Information Publication Scheme. All enquiries and requests in relation to QIC's compliance with this scheme should be directed to:

David Clarke
Chief Risk Officer
Phone: + 61 7 3020 7069
Fax: + 3020 7024
Email: d.clarke@qic.com

Bill Burton
Head of Corporate Secretariat
Phone: + 7 3360 4011
Fax: + 61 7 3360 3979
Email: b.burton@qic.com

As a GOC, QIC is committed to supporting the Queensland Government in its proactive initiative to increase publication of information relating to GOCs. As one of Australia's largest wholesale fund managers, QIC operates within a highly competitive and heavily regulated environment and is required to compete with private sector providers. Therefore to the extent possible (bearing in mind commercially sensitive information, privacy principles and the public interest), QIC will ensure that the information and level of disclosure contained in the Publications Scheme remains relevant and up to date. Any information that is accessed through the Publication Scheme is also subject to the QIC Disclaimer and website access terms and conditions.

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