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At QIC, the recruitment and selection of individuals to join our organisation is a vital and core activity to our overall success.  We believe selecting the best talent contributes directly to ensuring our business outcomes are achieved each year.  QIC’s recruitment and selection principles and processes for attracting and evaluating an individual’s suitability to a role are designed to ensure legal and diversity obligations are met, in addition to corporate values and strategic objectives.

As an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer, our recruitment and selection practices ensure individuals are selected, promoted and treated equitably on the basis of talent and capabilities.  We believe all individuals seeking to join QIC are entitled to a fair process of obtaining employment and promotion.  Such decisions are based on an individual’s ability to successfully achieve outcomes required of the role and contribute to the overall success of QIC.

In addition, an assessment of genuine business need for the role; cultural fit (both organisational and team); career development; and use of valid recruitment and selection tools, techniques and resources are also utilised by QIC.

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As one of Australia's largest wholesale fund managers, QIC operates within a highly competitive and heavily regulated environment and is required to compete with private sector providers. With this in mind, exceeding clients’ expectations is QIC’s focus, and it prides itself on its close alignment to its clients’ interests. This commitment of delivering exceptional client service is guided by, and is further articulated under QIC's Vision Mission and Values.

If you have a complaint or compliment regarding QIC’s activities or conduct please direct it to our Company Secretary.


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