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We have evolved alongside our clients and ahead of market dynamics. We believe in co-creation and collaboration. Our accomplished and experienced team manages the full spectrum of opportunities from implementation to fixed income and global absolute return strategies. This expertise, combined with our portfolio management capability across diverse global markets and asset classes, underpins our commitment to client outcomes.

At QIC we know our clients are seeking investment outcomes and not just benchmark returns from their listed investments. This understanding enables us to evolve alongside our clients and ahead of market dynamics, constructing real outcomes and superior returns across the economic cycle.


  • A significant presence in liquid markets - We manage over A$100bn (US$74bn) in effective exposures for 54 clients.1 We provide active management and implementation capabilities across global interest rate, credit, inflation, equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets.
  • Continual evolution with markets - Our success has been built on co-creation and collaboration with clients.  We manage strategies that are tailored to meet the changing market dynamics.
  • Experienced global team - More than 30 professionalslocated in Brisbane and London.  Our team is divided into research and strategy, portfolio construction and execution.
  • Research and Scorecard - We have quantified our judgment on fundamental transitory and technical factors that drive markets for over 16 years.  Our Scorecards allow us to compare opportunities across global interest rate, credit, inflation and currency markets.
  • Pursuing best in class risk management - Our risk management ensures we make better decisions and provides clarity for our clients.  Our downside risk management practices are honed over many market cycles.
  • Focus on client outcomes - Our origin as an investor mean we employ an investor mindset.  We seek to deliver positive returns regardless of markets rising or falling.


1 As at 30 June 2018


What we believe

We believe in co-creating and collaborating with our clients to deliver consistent outcome. We construct tailored portfolios for real returns – not just benchmark returns.

We have evolved alongside our clients and ahead of market dynamics. Our skillful and experienced team manages the full spectrum of liquid market investment solutions, including global fixed interest, equities, commodities, cash and currency.



We have a consistent approach across portfolios. Research is at our core. While fundamentals are fundamental, we believe in looking beyond. From changing political environments, fiscal and monetary policy, supply and demand flow momentum to the impact of natural disasters, we understand the profound impact they can have on our client’s portfolios. Peer review challenges our conviction and delivers confidence, day in day out.

Risk management is paramount. A strong governance framework seeks to better control risk and provide access to continuous real-time information on portfolio positions.

Our innovative approach has delivered a strong track record of performance which gives our clients the confidence that we can continue to achieve their investment objectives. 

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