Global Absolute Return


Institutional clients increasingly look for investments driven by deep research and a manager conviction rather than market consensus and direction.

QIC’s Global Absolute Return capabilities are in tune with this objective. The defining features of our Global Absolute Return capability are:


Gains irrespective of market direction

A skilled and experienced team identifies long, as well as short, global opportunities, to achieve positive returns regardless of interest rate direction.


Research is at our core

We believe markets are efficient over the longer term. Fundamentals drive bond markets towards fair value. Over shorter periods, transitories and technicals cause markets to deviate, creating opportunities within global interest rate, credit and inflation markets. Our investment process and risk management practices have been honed over many market cycles. We have learned from turmoil and are positioned to deliver absolute returns today, tomorrow and into the future.


Risk management is paramount

A rigorous risk management process is ingrained into our DNA. We seek excellence through continuous improvement. A strong risk and construction framework places an onus on accountability and effectively manages portfolio volatility. Stress and scenario testing, concentration limits and independent oversight all help to limit downside risks.



Management of global absolute return fixed interest through a repeatable investment process enables QIC to customise and scale portfolios across a range of risk/return targets.


Daily liquidity

Daily liquidity distinguishes our investment solutions from many absolute return investments.



Our repeatable investment process enables QIC to tailor and scale Global Absolute Return portfolios across a range of risk/return targets.

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