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We use our whole-of-fund experience to go beyond traditional thinking. For more than 20 years, we have managed our clients’ capital to realise their long-term expectations. Our experience applying dynamic asset allocation, liability hedging strategies, traditional and liquid alternative beta management, demonstrates that we know this delivers the outcomes that our clients value most.

Multi-asset investments give access to multiple asset classes and risk premia, providing risk diversification along with the ability to respond to changing markets. At QIC we recognise that predictability of outcomes is what our clients value most. We provide solutions from dynamic asset allocation to liability hedging strategies to liquid alternatives and risk premia strategies to option solutions and tail hedging. We analyse every investment decision from an individual and whole-of-portfolio context to enhance investment outcomes for our clients.


  • Heritage as a Fiduciary Manager - We manage over A$76.5bn1 (US$59.6bn1) in effective exposures (assets & liabilities) for over 30 institutional clients.  We believe a strong governance framework improves innovation, decision making and risk management.
  • Whole of Fund perspective - We have over 20 years' experience in multi-asset class portfolios.  Our proprietary research & modelling tools help clients to select the best solution for their whole fund.
  • Experienced team - More than 25 professionals1 across major asset classes.
  • Long-term mindset - Our valuation models focus on the longer term to identify opportunities.  This allows us to access a broader range of risk factors, including illiquidity.
  • Focus on Alternatives - We believe superior risk adjusted returns can be achieved using alternative risk factors.  Our team has managed over A$10bn1 of alternative asset class and alternative strategies.
  • Tailored solutions - Our clients' objectives drive portfolio design and are communicated through our scorecard approach.  We tailor diversified growth, liquid alternatives and option solutions for our clients.


 1 As at 31 December 2017.


What we believe

Managing client outcomes is our only objective. Long-term thinking is what matters. We believe that investment decisions cannot be made in isolation. Therefore we take a whole-of-portfolio view, considering the assets that we manage and even those that we don’t.

We believe that effective portfolio diversification means diversification of risk drivers. We know environmental, social and governance factors are likely to have an increasing impact on long-term returns.

By applying these principles we position our portfolios to maximise the likelihood of success. This is how we produce outcomes.



Our investment decisions are based on strong fundamental research, thoughtful investment insight and a long-term view. We do not trade on market noise. By constructing portfolios with a higher level of diversification, superior risk-adjusted returns can be generated.

Research distinguishes our thinking. Our investment process includes stress testing using asset-return forecasts, potential portfolios, sensitivity analysis and a scorecard that marks all these against client objectives.



 Clients can access our investment capabilities through segregated mandates as well as through pooled products.



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