Liquid Alternatives Fund


Equity market risk continues to dominate most institutional portfolios. Diversification from equities is a high priority for our clients and is core to the Liquid Alternatives Fund’s portfolio construction. We believe factors harvested from traditional asset classes can deliver a more resilient portfolio, built to withstand a range of market environments.  

The Liquid Alternatives Fund (LAF) provides investors with a well-diversified, systematic exposure to factors such as value, carry, behavioural and volatility. These factors can provide attractive risk-adjusted returns compared to traditional, long-only asset class exposures.

Why invest?

  • Targeted returns: The Fund can provide clients with long term, equity like returns with significantly less risk.
  • Intelligent diversification: By accounting for equity correlation when allocating to strategies, our portfolio construction approach rewards uncorrelated factors which diversify clients’ portfolios.
  • Minimal equity risk: The Fund’s Investment Committee manages equity risk by selling equity futures and buying equity put options. This helps ensure investment outcomes align with client expectations.
  • Local knowledge, global capability: As an Australian fund manager, we understand the needs of Australian clients whilst having the implementation capability of a global manager.


Our investment approach

Our history of delivering on clients’ expectations lies within the following:

  • Selecting a well-diversified set of enduring factors;
  • Allocating to those factors based on their uncorrelated risk/return
  • Overlay Risk Management

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