Growth Fund


Since 2002, the Growth Fund has been the investment vehicle of choice for universities, charities, councils, governments and corporations alike, to grow their wealth over the long-term.

This portfolio provides investors with access to a broad range of assets expected to deliver a return of CPI + 4% p.a. over rolling 5-year periods.


Why invest?

  • A broadly diversified investment portfolio including shares, fixed interest and real assets such as real estate and infrastructure;
  • We grow your investment over time, targeting a return of inflation plus 4% over a 5-year period;
  • A strong focus on diversification and risk management to help protect your investment during times of market stress;
  • QIC’s scale allows investors to gain diversification that is normally only available to the largest institutional investors


Our investment approach

The Growth Fund is built on the investment belief that investing in a diversified manner for the long term will deliver strong risk adjusted returns.

The Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) for the Fund is derived from extensive analysis of the risk and return expectation of over 30 asset classes, as well as the interaction between those asset classes.  The knowledge is contained within GMA’s proprietary MAC model.  These long-term expectations are overlayed with economic forecasts and asset class valuations to deliver an SAA which is expected to meet the Fund’s return target in the lowest risk manner possible.

The Growth Fund is invested in accordance with its SAA in a wide range of listed and unlisted assets, many of which can only be accessed by the largest of institutional investors.  The Fund also employs DAA to capture returns from short term market over, and undervaluations in a systematic, risk-controlled manner.



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